Satan’s Mission Statement

Dr. Tony Rizzo discusses Satan's Mission Statement, how it has affected our lives, and what we can do to overcome spiritual warfare

Demonic Lifestyle

Dr. Tony Rizzo shares his thoughts on demonic lifestyles and how Christians can avoid demonic oppression

Christianity and Entertainment

Dr. Rizzo discusses entertainment and how Christians should be wise in what they choose to consume

Faces of Kensington

Here at Tony & Friends, we are committed to helping the lost and the hurting on the streets of Kensington. That we see more than just the abuse and drugs, but the faces and souls of the people. If you are interested in supporting our ministry and being a part of the change in people's lives, please consider becoming a member of our Buy Me A Coffee Site - You can be a Champion for Christ Team Member for only $1 a month, depending on where God leads you.

Exciting Fall Events for Your Youth Outreach

Dr. Tony Rizzo has written a book on how to have an effective and exciting youth outreach with your local church. Check out his free ebook!

Philly Cultural Update – October

Dr. Tony Rizzo discusses the latest events happening around Philadelphia, what we should do about Halloween, and how God is working through our ministry, Youth Action Ministry!

How to Grow Your Youth Ministry

Dr. Tony Rizzo discusses several strategies that have been effective in bringing young people into the church and provide a place for them to hear the Gospel.